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policies & concerns Covid-19

Our utmost concern at Candee Skin is for the safety of our clients our staff and our families. Considering recent nationwide events, we are monitoring and adjusting our operations.

Candee Skin has always had an infection control policy. We will continue to adhere to strict anti-bacterial and anti-infection measures.

Candee Skin employees have always and will continue
to be instructed to stay home in case of any seemingly infectious illness or symptoms regardless of the cause
or diagnosis.

Covid-19 To further protect our family you can help.



Face mask or a face covering in
mandatory at all times inside
Candee Skin.



Clients cannot be accompanied
inside by anyone during your



There will only be 2 waiting spaces designated for Clients. All else will
be instructed to wait outside until
called into the waiting area.

Social Distancing measures will be strictly adhered to at all times.

Rescheduling Appointments

If you feel sick, under the weather or otherwise unwell, please reschedule your appointments.

If you display symptoms that could be seen as infectious by others, please kindly reschedule.

All scheduled appointments will be rescheduled at your convenience.

In this current environment and for the protection of all, we reserve the right to reschedule services on site, as we see fit. We ask for your understanding.

Covid & Clean