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Eyelash extensions are a weight-less, a semi-permanent enhancement shaped like a single eyelash.  The extensions are available in a variety of widths, lengths, and curls (and colors).  We use Mink extensions, which are virtually weightless.  They are tapered (larger at the base and extend to a pointy tip).  Because our extensions are tapered, with enough applied it will give the illusion you are wearing eyeliner.  


Each individual fiber (or sprig of volume) is adhered to a single, natural lash. Because the extensions are attached to a single lash, you will be able to comb through them.  This also allows each natural lash to grow on its own cycle, without pain, pulling, or pinching.


Our experienced, professional lash stylists will choose a variety of extensions to design a formula especially for you, showcasing a flattering and naturally beautiful look according to your eye shape and eyebrow arch placement.


Eyelash extensions in general, should not damage your natural eyelashes.  The method which eyelash extensions are applied varies greatly. 


Our licensed professionals are careful to choose extensions which are not too heavy or too long for your natural lashes.  Please be mindful: if you’ve had long or heavy extensions applied by another salon, they will eventually cause damage to your natural lash and you eventually may not be able to wear extensions.  At Candee Lash, we care about the health of your natural lash and will NEVER apply a long or heavy extensions that will damage your natural lashes.


Eyelash extensions are a wonderful addition to your beauty routine.  We are primarily concerned for the health of your natural lashes and want to be certain you meet the following criteria:

  • Your eyes are free of any signs or symptoms of infection;

  • Your eyes have fully recovered from recent eye surgeries or procedures;

  • You are comfortable lying down for a few hours;

  • Consult your physician if you are pregnant and/or have medical conditions, in recovery from treatments, taking medications or have allergies.


Considering the items above, there may be some candidates, who experience the following factors which may not be candidates for eyelash extension services:

  • Those who rub their eyes frequently –if this is from allergies or out of habit;

  • Those who have highly sensitive skin – while we do carry a low-allergen adhesive, this service may cause more reactions in certain candidates;

  • If you are ill or currently have allergies – if you have a cold, sinus infection, bronchitis, or flu, etc. please stay home and get well. No worries, we can reschedule your appointment for a time when you are feeling well.

  • If your natural lashes are very curly - unfortunately as your natural lash grows in, the extension will lay in an unnatural direction. This may be more irritating for you, and because of this excess “wear” on the lash, the extensions will not last as long.

  • If your natural eye shape is too deep inset or if your cheekbones are too high - to perform our procedure, we need to be able to effectively isolate your lower lashes from your upper lashes.  This is not possible to do so on some clients with deep-set eyes or high cheekbones.  Don't be discouraged; we have a few tricks - if we can manage to get the upper and lower lashes separated, we'll certainly apply your extensions.

  • If you don’t have natural eyelashes – our extensions are placed on a natural lash; and we need your natural lash to be healthy and strong enough to support an extension. Unlike using other lash processes such as a strip or flares, we cannot create lashes where there aren’t any.

  • If you have an allergy to cyanoacrylate. What is cyanoacrylate? Well, if back in the day you used to have acrylic nails and developed an allergy, it is likely it was from cyanoacrylate. 


Clients who do not have natural eyelashes unfortunately are not candidates for our service.  In order to apply extensions, we need a minimum length of your natural lash to secure the extension.   If you have any questions or concerns, we absolutely can schedule a consultation.


If you are undergoing medical treatment such as chemotherapy or steroid use which may be contributing to your eyelash weakness or fall out, please contact us so we may determine when it will be advisable for you to begin wearing extensions.


Each eyelash extension lasts for the natural life of the eyelash cycle – depending on your routine, age, and genes, EACH lash hair cycle is typically around 4 months.  Believe it or not, your natural lashes do grow and shed, all at different lengths and times.


We generally lose between 3-5 natural lashes a day, though we do not notice them -- However, when you are wearing eyelash extensions, you will become more aware of how many you are shedding.  Don’t worry – it’s all part of the natural process our bodies go through on a regular basis.


Most clients, depending on their natural growth cycle, preferring a fuller lash line, schedule their appointments every 2 weeks for their touch-up appointment.  This will ensure a cohesive appearance.  Whereas other clients have a slower growth cycle and can maintain their extensions with a perfection session (fill-in) every 3 weeks.


Much of how long they last depends on how you care for them at home.  This includes eye-make-up choices, cleansers, exposure, etc.


Yes!  You can shower and swim in them after the curing process - which is 24-48 hours.  You must avoid moisture/getting them wet for the first 24 hours.   


What happens if I get them wet before 24 hours?   The adhesive will "bloom".  It will triple in size and turn a grey-ish color.  It's not cute.  We will have to remove the extensions that have been exposed. 


Of special note, if you wait 48 hours prior to exposing them to moisture, your retention will be approximately 10 percent greater.  We know this, because we have counted lashes and had our clients test our theory.  This a major advantage compared to wearing mascara.  You don’t have to worry about it running after they are wet.  Not to mention, your morning routine will be shortened by not having to “clean up” after trying to apply mascara.


The procedure is quite tranquil.   It is painless, gentle and relaxing.  Many of our clients enjoy soft conversations or drift off to sleep.  Whether it is your first visit or fill in, the procedure will always be the same.


When you lay back, we will make sure your neck and back are comfortable.  It is best if your chin is up toward the Lash Stylist.  This will help “open the angle” of the lash line for maximum lash application.  We will them apply your eye pads, which will isolate your lower lashes from your upper lashes.


We will then prime your lashes, which extends the cleansing process and adjusts the pH of your lashes to create a stronger bond to our eyelash adhesive.


At your touch-up appointments remove any lashes that are outgrown or pointing in the wrong direction.  **As your natural lashes grow out of the follicle, they naturally twist and turn. No worries, we’ll instruct you on how to handle that one rogue lash.


We then will balance your lashes on both eyes and then replenish your extensions.  We adhere the extensions by using our specially formulated medical-grade adhesive, which attaches to your lash hair only, never to your skin.


We will place each individually sized extension approximately 0.5-1mm away from your natural lash line.  We are careful not to leave chunks of adhesive in your lash line. Our goal is to design a flattering, natural enhancement for your eye shape while being mindful of your eyebrows, hooded eyelids, eye shape, and your overall desired look.  


Keep in mind, we lose more extensions on one eye due to the way we sleep, or naturally loosing more lashes on one eye versus the other.

Typical lash loss is 3-5 a day!


Please arrive with your eyes free of any eye makeup and have your lashes freshly cleansed and rinsed free of any detergent.  We understand you keep a busy schedule; if you are unable to arrive without eye makeup, please arrive early to use the remover and cleanser provided so we may maximize your appointment time by applying extensions.


Avoid caffeine and any stimulants.  Your eyes involuntarily move and stimulants will increase this action.  For our service, it is crucial we have a steady surface to work with to give you a quality result.

Be prepared to relax, lay still, and enjoy your experience.

For your safety (and respect for other clients' services), please do not bring your small children or infants to your appointment. Please don't misunderstand, we adore kids - just not in our treatment area.  We strive to keep a relaxed and safe environment for all our clients.  Our artists are working in detailed, finite spaces which requires extreme precision; a great amount of concentration while using very sharp tools.  A child resting on you - moving you - or distracting you in any way inhibits or our artists from giving you the highest quality service.  Kindly find a sitter during your appointment times.

Silence your cell phone. We want to create a relaxed environment where you can take a nap and unwind for an hour or so.  Distractions from the outside world are always going to be there...and they will be there after your appointment.  Your time with us should be about letting you relax for a while.  Take a break with us and wake up looking glamorous.  


Appointment times depend on your service, experience of your lash artist, and the number of days you are away from your most recent eyelash appointment.  Times can be seen on our pricing page.


Your new eyelash extensions are fairly maintenance free.  The general rule of eyelash extensions is “The less you touch them, the longer they last”.  The biggest enemy of lash loss is oil.  Oil can come from our fingers or from the products we apply.  Avoiding direct contact with oils will help maintain longevity of your lash extensions.  There are a few other guidelines to keep in mind:

  • After each appointment, avoid moisture, steam and eye make-up for 48 hours.  This means: avoiding exercise, steam from a shower, sauna, raindrops, or tears from an emotional movie.

  • After 48 hours: Always use an oil-free eye make-up remove.

  • Every evening: Cleanse your lashes with a lint-free wand.  The adhesion point is rough, and lint from a towel or a q-tip may get caught in the bond and cause irritation to your eye.  Your extensions are placed 1mm away from the root of your natural lash at your lash line.  We all know 1mm is quite small - but there is a chance dead skin, debris, or make-up may accumulate in this small space and cause damage to your natural lash.  No worries, this can be avoided by thoroughly cleansing your lashes on a daily basis.  All of our lashes naturally grow in and shed.  There are times when one eyelash is on a growth cycle and it will become super long; while its neighbor is dormant.  If this happens, DO NOT PULL OUT YOUR EXTENSION: IT IS ATTACHED TO A NATURAL LASH and we need to preserve them!  This is also the reason we do not attach extensions to more than one lash at a time.

  • Avoid any long-wearing, waterproof eyeliners and mascaras.  If you must wear liner on your lower lid, please let us know so we may advise one which pairs well with your new extensions.

  • Schedule timely perfection session (fill-in) appointments with your stylist to maintain your beautiful extensions.  Everyone loses their hair at different rates; typically our clients schedule their appointments every two weeks to avoid any large gaps in their lash line.

  • Alert your other personal care providers such as Estheticians, Facialists, and Massage Therapists.  Do not let them use their oil-based products over your eyelash extensions!  Ask them to kindly place lint-free eye pads over your eyes when performing their steam and facial massage services.

  • Avoid intense heat (yes, possibly a hair dryer) and steam. Be sure to wear eye protection while in the tanning booth.  Your extensions are delicate and if under enough heat or steam may prematurely shed.

  • Be aware we all have a natural hair shedding cycle.  Believe us when we say, we all have one.  Especially when the weather turns warmer or cooler, the hair on our bodies reverts to a primitive status where we shed or grow hair according to the seasons.  Sometimes we shed more times than others – no worries – it’s totally natural.

  • Do not use an eyelash curler on your extensions – you will break the adhesive bond and your beautiful, new extensions will not hold.

  • Always use LINT FREE wands to clean your extensions.


The short answer is: “No”.


The long answer is: Clusters/individuals/flares or strips create the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes by adding lashes to the lash line. 


Unfortunately, long-term use of these products usually contributes to damage and to your natural lashes due to the weight, adhesive process, and removal process of these types of artificial applications.


Unfortunately, haphazard applications do exist and are being marketed to customers as "volume".  Buyer beware!!


Cheaper is not better when it comes to the health of your lashes! 


True volume fans are hand-made (no glue-bulb), take skill and lots of practice to master and they are meticulously adhered to 1 natural lash - you can comb through them!  Flares are identified by their obvious large glue bulb at the base of the flare. Sadly, some salons do not take the time or care about their client's lashes and do not isolate individual lashes like we do. The result is you CAN NOT comb through your natural lashes. This causes many issues for the natural lashes, including traction alopecia and possibly blepharitis.


At The Candee Lash, we care about the health of your natural lashes.  We meticulously apply one extension to one natural lash.  While we can vary the lengths and widths of our extensions, we cannot add lashes.  We simply work with enhancing your own natural lashes.

If you are accustomed to wearing clusters/individuals/flares or strips, please schedule a consultation; we’d love to help you keep your natural lashes as healthy as possible.


We suggest your initial set should be applied at least 2-3 weeks prior to your event, with a perfection session (fill-in) scheduled 2-3 days prior to your event.   By planning your appointment in advance, we will be able to accommodate any adjustments to the appearance of your lashes; including curl, length, volume or shape.



Our appointments are scheduled by time.  Your appointment is your time and our opportunity to create an artistic, full look for your lashes.


Being on time to your appointment with your eye-makeup removed and your lashes freshly cleansed will give your Lash Stylist the maximum time to apply your extensions. In most cases, if a client arrives late we cannot add additional time to their appointment.  However, if there is an opportunity to do so, the Lash Stylist will offer it in 15 minute increments for an additional fee.

IF YOU ARE FEELING SICK:  Please let us know as soon as you think you cannot make it.  Do not come into the salon!  We will reschedule our appointment. ​​​


Our online schedule reflects our available appointment times.  If you do not see an opening for a particular time, day, or month; it is because we are booked.  We encourage you to check each lash stylists’ schedule, and also check back frequently as cancellations do occur and will be reflected online.  You may also send an email to : info@candeeskincom with your availability and we will add you to our cancellation list.

We understand last-minute emergencies pop-up.  We'd love for you to keep your appointment; and not have to pay for lash extensions you are unable to wear.  However, if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule. CALL 972.217.3179 and let us know you are unable to attend your appointment.  All cancellations within 12 hours, or no shows, will be charged 50% of the appointment fee.  We reserve the right to discontinue scheduling appointments with clients who no show 2 times, or continuously cancel with less than 24 hours notice.


If there is a need to reschedule, please CALL 972.217.3179.

***PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THE TEXT REMINDER***   This is an unmonitored mailbox and we will not receive this message.  Please be sure to call and leave a voicemail with your name, number and appointment time; or CALL 972.217.3179 regarding changes to your appointment.

IF YOU ARE FEELING SICK:  Please let us know as soon as you think you cannot make it.  Do not come into the salon! ​​


Any cancellation and/or rescheduling of your appointment must be done NO LATER than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.
Clients that are 15 minutes late to scheduled appointment will be considered a late cancellation and will need to reschedule their appointment for another date and/or time.
All appointments canceled and/or rescheduled on the day of your appointment will be billed 50% of your appointment cost.
All NO SHOWS will be charged 100% of the appointment cost.



When you register with our online scheduling program, you will sign a waiver and be required to enter your credit card number.  This number is kept in a secure location and we will not be able to access it.  When you arrive for your appointment, you are “checked in.”  If you do not arrive for your appointment the system automatically assess the fee to your credit card.


If you no show or reschedule from 24 hours to the time of your appointment, a 50% fee will be applied to your credit or debit card.

We would hate for you to pay for lashes you are not receiving.  Please give us enough notice to accommodate any changes.​​


Eyelash extensions are a personalized beauty service; therefore gratuities are given at your discretion.​​


We only provide classic lash fills from other companies work, we do not provide fills on volume/hybrid lashes. You will need to get a removal and a new set
We do not give refunds on any services provided if you are unhappy with your service we will bring you in for a correction within 48hrs of your service.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions, keep in mind we cannot answer the phone when we are with clients, but will return your call as soon as possible.  If you leave a voicemail please include your name and phone number, or email us: info@candeeskin.com

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