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Candee Skin Resources Glowing Refresher Facial: A Customer Story

I had been feeling stressed and exhausted lately, so I decided to treat myself to a facial at a Candee Skin. Known for their Brazilian Waxing, I was pleased to know that they provide a variety of Skin Care services. I had never gotten a facial before and was a little nervous, but I was excited to relax and pamper myself.

I arrived at Candee Skin and was greeted by the friendly staff. They led me to a private room and explained the process of the Glowing Refresher Facial to me. The therapist began by cleansing my face and removing any makeup or dirt. She then applied a series of different products, including a scrub, a mask, and a serum, to help exfoliate and nourish my skin.

As she worked, the esthetician told me about the different products she was using and the benefits they would provide for my skin. She also gave me some skincare tips to help me maintain a healthy complexion at home.

The Glowing Refresher Facial was incredibly relaxing. The warm, soft towels and the soothing music made me feel completely at ease. I closed my eyes and let myself drift away as the therapist massaged my face and neck.

When the facial was over, my skin felt soft, smooth, and refreshed. The esthetician applied a moisturizer and some sunscreen to protect my skin from the sun, and gave me a mirror to take a look at the results. I was amazed at how radiant and healthy my skin looked.

I left the spa feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I was so glad I had treated myself to the facial, and I knew I would definitely be back for more in the future.


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Marley Smith

January 3, 2023

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