Herbal Peel by Rena Levi

          Rena Levi’s Herbal Deep Peel Treatment  is a revolutionary, NON-ACID, herbal formula that is more effective than traditional acids and that is equivalent to 15 micro-derm abrasions without the use of acids or harmful crystals - but is still gentle on the skin. Rena Levi’s exclusive blend attaches only to the dead layer of skin and causes it to separate and peel away from the healthy layer below. The result is a healthy and natural glow! 

          This unique herb was found over the past century in areas where the water is pure. This ancient herb was first used for medical purposes; now it is used to deliver the highest quality natural peel for all types of skin in a safe way.  All the active ingredients are 100% natural. 
          This natural exfoliation of the skin is the best way to keep the skin looking and feeling young by brightening hyper pigmentation.  This peel will reduce fine lines and tremendously improve acne scars and will stimulate new cell growth.  This product can also be used to speed up and heal bruising, and if used as a mask Rena Levi’s Herbal Deep Peel is an excellent treatment for acne.


          Rena Levi’s Herbal Deep Peel slows the aging process while diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, sun spots, and scars. The primary cause of aging skin is the suns' ultra violet rays but diet, pollution, alcohol, cigarettes, hormones, and environmental assaults play a big role in damaging the skin. To reverse these effects the Deep Peel fortifies skin's natural repair functions, strengthens skin's protective mechanism and rebuilds tissue lost to either ageing or acne. This product helps the skin to exfoliate all excess build up of dead skin on the surface. It helps to produce natural collagen and elastic in the skin for proper moisture balance.  Skin will regain glow and elasticity will firm the skin. The Deep Peel will minimize surface wrinkles, soften facial lines and restore the skin to a more youthful state with a fresher luster.  Rena Levi’s Herbal Deep Peel will not only reverse the harm done to your skin but will reduce the impact of future damage.

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