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Candee Skin Resources Bikini Area Moisturizing Tips

The bikini area is one of the most sensitive areas on the body, and yet it is often neglected when it comes to moisturizing. The skin in this area is thin and delicate, and it can easily become dry, irritated, and even infected if it’s not properly cared for. That’s why it’s so important to moisturize the bikini area on a regular basis. Doing so will help to keep the skin healthy and free from irritation. Not sure how to moisturize your bikini area? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Exfoliate Before Moisturizing

When it comes to keeping the bikini area moisturized, it is important to exfoliate before applying any type of moisturizer. This will help to remove any dead skin cells that may be present and will allow the moisturizer to better penetrate the skin. There are a variety of ways that you can exfoliate the bikini area, including using an exfoliating scrub, loofah, or even just plain old soap and water. Be sure to use circular motions when exfoliating and avoid scrubbing too hard, as this can irritate the skin. After you have finished exfoliating, rinse off completely and then apply your chosen moisturizer.

Use a gentle, circular motion when applying moisturizer

When applying moisturizer to your bikini area, it’s important to use a gentle, circular motion. This will help to ensure that the moisturizer is evenly distributed and will help to avoid any irritation.

Apply moisturizer to damp skin

It’s important to apply moisturizer to damp skin in order to lock in hydration. When the skin is wet, it’s more permeable and can better absorb products. Be sure to gently pat the skin dry before applying a liberal amount of moisturizer all over the bikini area.

Avoid scented products

When it comes to keeping your bikini area moisturized, one of the most important things to avoid are scented products. This is because fragrances can often irritate the sensitive skin in this area, leading to discomfort and even infections. If you must use a scented product, make sure to choose one that is specifically designed for use in the genital area and that has a light, gentle scent.

Choose the right type of moisturizer for your skin type

If you have dry skin, look for a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid or glycerin. These ingredients help to trap water in the skin and prevent it from becoming dry and irritated.

If you have oily skin, look for a light, oil-free moisturizer that won’t clog your pores. water-based gel moisturizers are a good option for people with oily skin.

If you have sensitive skin, look for a hypoallergenic moisturizer that doesn’t contain any fragrances or dyes. You might also want to try a product that is labeled “for sensitive skin.”

If you have combination skin, you can use any type of moisturizer depending on which part of your face is more dry or oily.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen

It’s no secret that the sun can be incredibly damaging to your skin, especially if you don’t take proper precautions. One of the most important things you can do to protect your skin from the sun is to apply sunscreen before heading outdoors.

Sunscreen should be applied liberally and evenly all over the exposed areas of your skin, including your bikini area. Make sure to reapply sunscreen every two hours, or more often if you’re sweating or swimming.

In addition to applying sunscreen, you can also take other measures to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Wear protective clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts and wide-brimmed hats, when possible. Seek shade whenever possible, and avoid being in direct sunlight during the peak hours of 10am to 4pm.


We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to keep your bikini area hydrated and looking its best. If you have any other tips or tricks that you swear by, be sure to share them with us in the comments below! And don’t forget to visit your esthetician at Candee Skin. Candee Skin staffs the best in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area in Waxing and Skin Care.

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Marley Smith

December 6, 2022

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