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Candee Skin Resources Candee Skin Introduces the “A Great Wax is So Beautiful” Campaign with 90s R&B Icon Adina Howard as the Focus.

The campaign, set to captivate audiences with its blend of nostalgia and simplicity, celebrates the beauty and confidence of a professional waxing & skincare experience. With Adina Howard, whose sultry voice and empowering presence defined an era, as the face of the campaign, Candee Skin aims to command its audience and promote self-care, transparency, and empowerment.

“At Candee Skin, we believe that feeling beautiful is about more than just the prepared appearance; it’s about confidence in one’s skin,” said Candice Johnson, owner of Candee Skin. “We are thrilled to partner with the legendary Adina Howard, whose timeless appeal and brave message of self expression, empowerment and talent align with our vision for not only the campaign, but for Candee Skin as a business”.

Candee Skin entrusted Dallas-based Southside Creatives, a boutique art house & marketing firm to bring the vision together. “We felt that visuals of Ms. Howard, in a bare & beautiful form would speak to our audience, the message of self love, self care & most of all, confidence. This message is the heart of Candee Skin.” “We chose to focus on Ms. Howard as a person and not use the usual trope of the songs that she is known for. Those songs are classic experiences, however, underneath them is a beautiful soul that we believe that audiences should see”

The “A Great Wax is So Beautiful”, campaign, through a series of captivating visuals and empowering messages, will emphasize the transformative power of a great waxing experience and encourage individuals to prioritize self-care as an essential aspect of their beauty regimen. The use of a bare-skin focus, short film noir, and a homely mood nods to Candee Skin as a place where clients can be vulnerable and ultimately, themselves in a world that constantly asks us to be anything but that.

The campaign will encompass various marketing channels, including television, social media, print advertising, and experiential activations, inviting audiences to join the conversation and share their own stories of beauty and confidence.

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Marley Smith

February 11, 2024

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